Dover High School Class of 1964
Dover High School Class of 1964

Current List of Attendees

We expect 100 or more to attend the weekend's festivities. With less than two months to go, the momentum has begun to ramp up.  Don't miss this chance to get reacquainted with old friends, and to make new ones.  Get your deposits and full payments in NOW!


So far, the following classmates have registered to attend one or more events.  If you would like to spend some time with them, please:


And if you're still on the fence about attending, try calling a classmate friend, put together a table, and then sign up as a group!  Groups or singles, everybody's welcome!



Alperti, John (2)

Arlington, John

Baker, Doug (2)

Beachem, Betsy (Roberts) (2)

Bergfels, Judy (Sluppick) (2)

Bitondo, Sandra (Grecco) (2)

Carducci, Marty (2)

Cohn, Benson

Cologene, Carol (Shay) (2)

Colvin, Frances (Finkenbinder) (2)

Delorenzo, Ann (Mika)

Dillon, Dan (2)

Doyle, Karen (Felfoldy)

Felfoldy, Gary 

Forrstrom, Terry (Meloskie) (2)

Frock, Susan (Revelle)

Gallagher, Jack

Giaquinto, Daniel (2)

Greenbaum, Robert (2)

Henriksen, Stephen (2)

Incera, Delores (Fairchild)

Jenkins, Goldena 

Just, Kenneth (2)

Koslo, Thomas

Langley, Flo 

Lanterman, Marilyn (Begasse) (2)

MacFall, Janet (Rieth) (2)

McGinty, Patricia (Daley)

McGlone, JoEllen (Mitchell)

McGuire, Mary Lou (Rapp) (2)

Menden, Joan (Reese) (2)

Meyer, Robert (2)

Morgan, Ann (Rowan)

Moyer, James (2)

Munoz, Manny (2)

Ottoson, Kristine (Perry)

Phillips, Donald (2)

Raupp, Ivan (2)

Richards, Winnie (Slomkowski) (2)

Richer, Stephen 

Roe, Bruce

Santucci, Diana (Gregory) (2)

Sefcik, Kathleen (Tice)

Slack, Virginia (Miller) (2)

Sullivan, Geraldine (Abrusia) (2) 

Swannick, Ann

Taylor, Seth (2)

Tiaquinto, Patricia (Korpos) (2)

Tversky, Paul

Vics, John

Walbrecht, Elaine (Bongiovanni) (2)

Walbrecht, Lynne (Edgar) (2)

Watson, Norma Jean (Campbell) (2)

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